Islamic Relief Supports 210,000 this Winter


The treacherous cold of winter is universal, however the lack of simple items and warmth makes winter a battle of survival.

Long before the icy winds of winter dominated the Middle East and Central Asia, thousands prepare for the difficult and dangerous conditions to come. In 2016/2017 Islamic Relief Australia funded Winterisation projects in Syria, Jordan and Afghanistan.

The Winterisation response is crucial in improving life conditions and protecting vulnerable people from rain, disease and death. Winterisation ensures refugees and displaced communities in Central Asia and the Middle East are not threatened by the elements and insecurity induced by winter. IRAUS sent clothes, food, mattresses, heating & medical equipment to ensure the livelihood and wellbeing of communities in Syria, Jordan and Afghanistan.

In the final months of 2016, Aleppo became a live-or-die zone. After tens of thousands fled Eastern Aleppo in the beginning of December, our team managed to distribute food and winter essential items to 3,500 Syrians within three days. By mid-December, the situation in Syria had worsened and caused under 40,000 people in Eastern Aleppo to flee their homes.

Whether it was the people of Aleppo, the internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Afghanistan or the refugee families in Jordan; our field officers supported individuals and families to live comfortably throughout the tragic winter conditions.

-Islamic Relief Australia

By the commitment of our team and donors, Islamic Relief Australia had reached out to 125,000 Syrians this winter in Idlib, Hama and Aleppo.

As snowfall blanketed the skies in Afghanistan, the emerging concerns of winter-related illnesses such as bronchitis and pneumonia dominated Northern Afghanistan. A recent spike in pneumonia cases has currently swayed Nangarhar, causing the Department of Public Health to research the reasons behind the spike. The lack of simple items and warmth causes winter-related illnesses to easily spread through communities. We supported Afghan Refugees and IDPs in Kabul and Nangarhar through the provision of winter essential items. According to the UN Refugee Agency, as of December 2016 there were a total of more than 1.5 million IDPs in Afghanistan.

Because of you we were able to protect hundreds of thousands living in Syria, Jordan and Afghanistan this winter.

Our team is thankful for the generosity of our donors and sharing our vision for the world to become a better place.