I Dream: For a Safe Home for my Children


34 years Heba is a widow and mother to Amir (12) and Nadim (10). Her home was destroyed in the recent bombings and she remains traumatised about her future.

Heba’s home is a small room on the roof of a two-storey building. The ceiling is made of metal sheets that caved in during the recent bombings by the Israeli forces.

“My children and I were able to run away from our home. We were shivering in fear,’’


She returned to find the metal sheets a mangled mess, strewn over a few kitchen utensils and supplies destroyed and unusable. She was devastated by the destruction, which robbed her of her frugal possessions.

“I thank Allah for saving our lives, but I don’t feel safe in my home anymore. I fear the next bomb is going to land on our house and kill us”, she says simply, resigned to her faith.

Heba’s house has no kitchen and no bathroom. She has been painstakingly trying to save money to complete the construction, but she doesn’t have the resources. Now with the roof caving in, she is helpless.

Photo: Heba’s two sons, Amir (12) and Nadim (10).

A widow and a mother of two, Heba has been taking care of her children for eight years since her husband’s death. She has no job and no means of earning a living.

“Living under the asbestos sheets is hard and gives me wheezing. In summers the room gets intensely hot, but now with no roof over our heads, we fear the worst. I don’t sleep most nights for fear that my children may get hurt.”

Heba lives in trauma of her future. Without any ostensible way of earning a living, escalating food prices brought on by Israeli blockades, her hope for her children in dwindling.

She has no dream but for a safe home for her children.

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