Help Someone Like Ayda Survive this Winter


There was a time when Ayda and her family lived in their own home. Like many Syrian refugees they had to leave everything they ever owned behind and flee their country.

Ayda, now lives with her daughter Hiba. Hiba was shot as they fled Syria, she was seriously injured and now lives with chronic pain. She was diagnosed with rheumatism which has made is difficult for her move and the medicine she needs can only be sourced by NGOs.

Photo: Ayda and her family.

With her husband gone, she is reliant on her stepson to share food and other living essentials. They struggle to keep their home warm; the cold weather makes Ayda’s condition worse and securing fuel in Lebanon is no easy task. This forces Ayda to stay covered under blankets all the time.

Despite her difficulties, she remains patient and holds on to her beliefs.

“Several people in our area are undergoing such severe conditions. Each person is going through his/her own struggles differently, and copes with the hardships as it is test from Allah for all of us.

“Securing health examinations and medications would have a great effect on the wellbeing of our community. Additionally, food security should be the top priority to anyone willing to help.

“The food parcel from Islamic Relief came at a very critical time for us. The quality of the items and the quantity were suitable. And it lasted for enough period the taste of items was good.

“Surely Allah is the provider and Most Merciful and here came the mission of Islamic Relief in serving the humanity by following the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

“I would like to thank the donors because they didn’t abandon us. May Allah bless them and accept their good deeds. I pray for the betterment of our life and the life of my stepson’s family.” Your donations helped Ayda through difficult times. Help a family like Ayda’s survive this winter.

Help Ayda Survive this Winter Appeal

In the cold winter months, you can help someone get through with a donation. Donations will go to blankets, mattresses for those who need them most; winter clothes to stay warm and along with other heating items.