[QLD] Unity for Palestine Fundraising Dinner

19 NOV

As we bear witness to the heart-wrenching crisis unfolding in Gaza, with the death toll continuing to climb, we must act to give relief to our brothers and sisters in urgent need. We cannot stand by as the tragic loss of life, severe displacement, and shattering of communities continues to take place.

Islamic Relief Australia invites you to join us for an Emergency Fundraiser dedicated to providing immediate and vital aid to the innocent people of Gaza.

Event Highlights:

Inspiring Talks: Listen to experts, activists and community figures discuss the situation on the ground and the importance of community solidarity.

Live Aid Updates: Get real-time information on how Islamic Relief is making an impact in Gaza.

Fundraising Auction: Participate in an exciting auction with amazing goodies up for grabs, all proceeds going to the relief fund.

Community Dinner: We will enjoy a community dinner together, breaking bread and having important conversations, bonded by our shared concern for our brothers and sisters

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